SSW Data PRO! 97 17.90 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Deploy new versions of your Access backend simply with SSW Data PRO!!

SSW Data PRO! records every change made to your Access backend. When the new frontend is installed at the client site, the backend will automatically be upgraded with the changes you made. Never be out of sync again! SSW Data PRO! is available for Access 97, 2000 2002.

'SSW Data PRO!' is version control for you database written for Microsoft Access and SQL Server. 'SSW Data PRO!' is available in Microsoft Access 97 and 2000, and SQL Server 7 and 2000.

With SSW Data PRO! .... When your client gets the new version of your database, it will detect that the data structure needs revisions and performs the revisions automatically.

'SSW Data PRO!' was developed with the Microsoft Access and SQL Server developer clearly in mind. It's highly effective, easy to use and slashes the time required to administer database structures by up to 90%.

A Common Scenario of a Access/SQL Server Developer

You have a new version of a database ready for your client ..."Oh no, now I'll have to find out the new tables, fields and relationships that I've added. I'd better get the client to send me a copy of their data so I can do a comparison andmake the changes.... Hope they don't mind being offline for a day.... Hope I haven't forgotten any of the changes. What were those fields that I renamed?....."

SSW Data PRO! (97/2000/SQL) is a powerful utility that will make your life easier!

System Requirements:

MDAC 2.6, Microsoft Access 97 or higher

SSW Data PRO! 97 17.90 Free Download screenshot